Field Study

Keshet Insight Seminar

From Beta Israel to Eretz Israel:
An Israel-Ethiopian Journey

November 2021

For over three thousand years Ethiopian Jews have passed on their memories, their religious traditions, and their aspirations to return to the Land of Israel to their younger generations. Twenty-nine years after the founding of the State of Israel, that dream began to be realized. With the assistance of the Israeli Army and Navy, the Mossad and the Jewish Agency, over 160,000 Ethiopian Jews have achieved their millenia-old dream. Many were lost along the way. Some have risen to the heights of Israeli political and professional life and others continue to face daily obstacles in their struggle for full integration into Israeli society. Without a doubt though, the ongoing story of the Ethiopian aliya is one of the most dramatic and significant sagas of modern Jewish history. For the first time, Keshet Educational Journeys is offering a unique, intensive eleven day experience designed to explore this saga first-hand in both Israel and Ethiopia itself.

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